Let your yard be the envy of the neighborhood!
Whether you're wanting to design something new or simply maintain what you've already started, we have the knowledge and skills to accomodate your needs.

Let our experienced architects and landscape designers help you achieve the best fit for your budget and your space.

No matter how small or complex your vision may be, we can meet with you to discuss viable options and maximize the space you have to its optimal potential. Don't let yourself be limited to simple additions either. GreenGrassPro is here to assist in balancing your desires with your budget limitations, no matter what they may be.
Landscaping Gallery
Be it pathways, retaining walls, patios, firepits or anything else that utilizes stone and concrete materials, we can add a more polished look your space.

These additions can make your backyard more inviting to accomodate parties and any other types of gathering, no matter what season it is.


Hardscaping   Gallery
Water Features
Water elements in any design can encourage relaxation and bring an overall tranquility to your space.

Should you only have a limited amount of space but still want to add water to your personal oasis, our highly experienced and skilled team can work with your budget and area to provide you with a lovely feature guaranteed to please.

Don't feel obligated to add a massive waterfall either. We can add small (koi) ponds, fountains or just small running waterways through your backyard.

Water Features Gallery
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